I design, develop and lead integral transformations for all types of organizations in USA, Latin America and Europe.

Who I am

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How I work


I discover the organizational culture (local and global) with Quali and Quanti techniques and tools. Then, I identify value systems, behavior patterns, and cultural tensions to decode that unique culture.

Illuminate the Future

I help co-create a clear vision of the future: shaping the new culture, purpose, values, and behaviors. That converges into a single narrative for transformation, aligning leaders and change agents under the same vision.

Connect the dots

I find those key accelerators for change, defining an agile strategy for transformation.

Co.Design the Plan

Through co-ideation tools and processes, I co.create the action plans and design the collaborators' experiences in the transformation journey.

Navigate the transformation

I embark with the client on the journey, accelerating scalability and preparing leaders and teams to ensure the sustainability of the transformation.

Measure the Impact

I develop Cultural Indicators and People Analytics Dashboards to monitor the progress of the transformation and the impact on the business, ensuring an agile scheme of learning and improvement.




+1 714.326.6916